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Another Broker closes leaving trainees out of pocket

On Friday 10th June another HGV training broker went into liquidation leaving its unfortunate trainees out of pocket unless they had paid by card and were insured. Although I agree there is a place for brokers, but when using one the trainee should always do their homework and check the company out. Many of these Brokers out source their training to reputable HGV training companies throughout the country without the training knowing. The offer of credit to pay for your training is also offered as it may be by any training company, if this is how you need to pay for your training just remember that should the company go into liquidation you are still responsible for the repayments but if the training company you have been allocated to has not been paid by the broker then you are not going to receive the training.

Brokers will normally use hard sell tactics but with a few simple questions you can identify the type of HGV training provider you want

1) Are the vehicles yours

2) do your instructors provide the training or is it done by a third party.

3) Are you a HGV Broker

Just remember by going directly to a HGV training company you may save yourself money

for more information on HGV training go to WWW.hgvtrainingbirmingham.co.uk

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