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Getting your HGV Entitlement

Talking to a trainee the other day the subject of the route required to gaining his category “C” entitlement and the complicated explanation on the governments website. So maybe this is a subject other prospective trainees are also having the same problem?

There are 4 modules mentioned on the DVSA website let’s see what these are you will need to pass if you are starting from having just a car licence:-

Module 1 The theory test) this is split into 2 parts The multiple-choice questions part lasts for 1 hour and 55 minutes, and the pass mark is 85 out of 100 questions, and hazard perception test You’ll watch 19 videos, and there are 20 developing hazards to spot. The pass mark is 67 out of 100. You can’t review your answers.

Module 2 The Case Study Test) the test is made up of 7 case studies you work through on a computer. The case studies are short stories based on situations that you’re likely to come across in your working life. You’ll be asked between 6 and 8 multiple-choice questions on each case study. The test lasts for 1 hour and 15 minutes, and the pass mark is 40 out of 50.

Module 3 Driving Ability Test) Your practical test will last about 1 hour and 30 minutes and includes vehicle safety questions, practical road driving, there will also be 10 minutes of independent driving, designed to test your ability to drive safely while making independent decisions and off-road exercises.

Module 4 Practical Demonstration) You’re tested on being able to load the vehicle following safety rules and to keep it secure, stop trafficking in illegal immigrants, assess emergency situations and do a walk around vehicle safety check The test is made up of 5 topics you can score up to 20 points for each topic. To pass you have to score at least 15 out of 20 in each topic area and have an overall score of at least 80 out of 100.

For more information visit www.gov.uk/become-lorry-bus-driver/getting-qualified

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