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Applying for HGV entitlement

So here we are in February and many people are looking for a new career, as a HGV training company we are constantly asked "what do I have to do to start my career", The first thing you have to do is get the correct category entitlement on to your driving licence (you must have passed your car test first). HGV categories you can apply for are divided into two these being category C1 (7.5t) and category C ( Class 2).You can only apply for a provisional trailer (+E) licence when you’ve got the full licence for the vehicle you’ll be driving.

So lets apply for the entitlement, first of all you must get the D2 and D4 forms these can be ordered on line www.gov.uk/become-lorry-bus-driver/applying-for-a-bus-or-lorry-provisional-entitlement . Once you have received them you then have to have a medical (you can go to your own doctor or ask a training provider if they know of anyone) get the doctor to fill out the D4 form you may also need to have optician to fill out the part about your eyesight. You fill out the D2 form which is easy enough just take your time and read the questions. Once both D2 & D4 forms are filled out send them off to the DVLA by post but my advise is to send it recorded or proof of postage. DO NOT FORGET TO PUT YOUR DRIVING LICENCE IN THE ENVOLOPE.

Once you have received your licence back from the DVLA you are ready for the next step which is taking the HGV theory and hazard perception test,

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