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New vehicles to the HGV Training fleet

the new additions are all sign Written and ready to help Blue Triangle Training Ltd trainees to obtain their category "C" and "C+E" entitlement. The DAF CF 85 ridged is 9.5m long 2.5m wide and 4.1m high with a 410 engine and fully automatic. Easy enough to get around the DVSA test routes and also giving the candidates confidence to drive the larger vehicles in the Class 2 HGV category.vehicles on the UK roads. With 410 horsepower engines this vehicle is not under powered and will give the option of providing training wagon and drag category "C+E" by using the ridged vehicle and addition trailer if required.

The tractor unit again is a DAF 85 CF 410 is a 4x2 unit with a 38t gross vehicle weight for training it will pull a 13m trailer with the required 8 ton secured on board giving the trainee the experience of handling the most commonly used category "C+E" articulated vehicles on the UK roads.

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